Jane McPhee Fennessy  (b. 1972, Melbourne Australia)
Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) RMIT
Creative Director, Blue Vapours Creative Studios Fitzroy Australia (2002-current)


Jane has been producing digital art since the 90’s, when there were only 18 typefaces and no one else knew how to turn a computer on. Her strengths have always been in drawing and colour use. She draws with a felt tip pen on location then takes the working sketches back to the studio where they are digitised, coloured, reinterpreted and then output on film or vinyl. She is married to Kit Fennessy the novelist and her whippet Liam is the son of the Liechtenstein National Champion.

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Exhibitions and Competitions

2018 Winner, Malamegi Lab New Collection Prize

2017 Nominated for the German Design Award in the book cover design category

2017 Solo Exhibition Alpine Party

2013 Solo Exhibition Destination Illumination

2012 Short Film La Bicyclette selected for the International Bicycle Film Festival (title sequences and production design)

2010 Solo Exhibition Sauerkraut